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" I just starting using Palmer's and I love it. I love the smell and feel. It is perfect! "


" Great products! Thanks to Palmer's butter cream my body looks great! radiant and shiny"


" Palmers has been apart of my skin care regime since I was a teenager. It is my go to when I have a scar, scrap or improfections in my appearance"


" I am a 41 year old women and I love palmers cocoa butter and have used it every day since the late 80's. It makes my skin look incredible and it glows especially after a day in the sunshine. It works so well and when i was pregnant with my daughter; because of this product my skin stayed looking youthful. The chocolate essence heightens my senses and reminds me of home. My skin stays so soft and supple. i have also passed it down to my daughter , i would use it on her everyday after the shower and now she's growing up and prefers to use it everyday just like her mama.  This is definatly a must in our household and will be a tradition in our family for years to come. We also have tried the olive butter formula, my daughter uses this one also and appreciates the organic lotions. Thank you so much for creating this luscious paradise for our skin."


" This stuff is amazing! "


" I have used on my face for years and its better than any face cream that I have found"


" Thanks Palmer's! my skin look great, young and smooth!!!!!! "


" For almost ten years, I had continued to develop moderate to severe dark spots on my face after years of some serious 'fun in the sun'. These dark areas would only become more prevalent with the slightest exposure to the sun. This of course also brought about much embarassment and insecurities. I tried numerous products, processed and natural, and nothing helped. From almost the first few uses of Palmer's Olive Butter Lotion, this completely changed! My skin tone was evening out, and being in the sun no longer brught about those prominent dark areas. I of course faithfully continued to use this product head to toe and love the way my it makes my skin appear so healthy with a natural shine and glow. Love it!!!"


" Palmer's products are amazing!!! My heels are heals thanks Palmer's Butter cream. It's excellent, I feel so blessed, because confidently, now in Spring I can use my sandals. Also, I constantly use the butter cream for my face, and anybody believe me I am on my 50s. My body and my face looks great thanks a lot!!!!"


"Sometime in my teen years I developed extremely red, dry, and flaky skin on my forehead and chin and around my eyes and nose. It was constantly flaking off on my clothes and my glasses. The flakes would even get caught on my eyelashes. It was embarrassing and annoying. I tried every facial moisturizer and lotion out there. They would either burn severely, make it worse, or do nothing at all. Then a few years ago I discovered Palmer's Cocoa Butter. I use it on my face every morning and my skin is smooth, soft and a normal color! I wish I would have found it 15 years sooner!"


"I suffer from extreme excema...Palmer's is the only lotion that completely hydrates my skin and keeps it looking healthy. I have tried every product (including prescription products) and nothing has worked as well as Palmer's. I recommend the entire line to anyone, regardless of your skin's condition and tone. Thanks Palmer's!"


"I first started using Palmer's when I was a child, I would take it from my Dad's bathroom and use the whole bottle! I still love the smell and results to this day! Thanks Palmer's!"


"I am a 45-year-old African American female, and I have been using Palmer's cocoa butter formula since I was in middle school (long time). People often ask me what brand of makeup I wear on my face. When I tell them that I do not use foundations or other such chemicals, they don't believe me. At night, I smear Palmer's on my face before I fall asleep, and apply it to my face in the morning before going to work with a little baby powder.Its a great product, and I am pleased with the healthy glow it gives my brown skin. Thank you Palmers."


"I have been using Palmer's products for about 20 years. I have been using the facial skin products for about one year plus. My skin looks just like your model of how your skin should look from using your products. You all have the best skin care line that I have ever used. From facial to the whole body. I am a very faithful user of your products. It is costly and it is a sacrafice, however I love the end result."


"I'm loving my Palmer's.... I starting using body lotion about 10 years ago. After losing about 85 pounds the stretch marks are gone. If I don't use my Palmer lotion after shower, my skin will tell me "What's going on, we need our lotion". I've in love with the Body Oil and deep Gel. Thanks for the samples. Always your Customer...."


"i absolutely love this product"


"I have used the Palmer's cocoa butter lotion for years and love it."


"I am 44 years old. I have spent a lot of time in the deserts of Iraq, and a lot of time on my bike. First of all, the blistering heat of the desert, dries the skin horribly, then there are all the scarring to my face from combat. Second, riding a bike all year round, at 65mph is pretty rough on the face. Wind and sun burns really make you look older fast. I started using Palmer's Cocoa Butter 2 weeks ago and my gosh, the squint lines around my eyes are fading, the scars are smoothing away and becoming less noticeable. My wife is shocked at the youthfulness my face shows now. Thank you Palmer's, you've given me some extra years. I would like to share this secret with other veterans who suffer from scarring, so I will be taking a jar of Palmer's with me to the VA to show my story to the nurses."


"I've been using Palmers for years.. before anyone even knew about it!! I recently noticed that my face was looking older than the rest of my body(I'm 45) and decided that since it works so well on my body, I'd try it on my face. Well, so far.. I love it!! When I wake up, my face is very smooth and soft. No break outs or blemishes. I think it's better than any other face cream I've purchased at high end retailers. Happy customer... (8"


"I am 60 years old and have clinically dry skin plus I live in a desert. I have been using Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Lotion Intensive Relief for a few weeks now and the difference is amazing. I used it on my face as well and the wrinkles are not as noticeable and my skin is not nearly as dry. I have tried everything under the sun and then saw an ad on TV and remembered a friend many years ago used it during pregnancy. I love the feel of it and it doesn't make my hands greasy. Plus I use it before applying makeup and it really helps me look refreshed. Thanks Palmers!"


"I love palmers. it helped me with many problems, dry legs? not anymore. Acne scars? can't see any of them anymore.I have many products of Palmers, it's my favorite, when other young ladies spend their money on food or parties, I just have to buy Palmer's everytime i get payed. It's always worth it, i don't ever feel cheap when i think about buying Palmer's , cause i know it helps and not only it makes my skin soft, it makes me happy and feel very pretty. Palmer's is just blessing in the stores. I wish i had like all products on my shelf. Thank you Palmer's."


"palmer's works. i'm proof because i used it throughout my pregnancy and also today. i have no stretchmarks whatsoever and my skin is evenly toned thanks to palmer's cocoa butter lotion."


"I've been using Palmer's for at least 15 years and i'm now 6 month pregnant, stretch mark free, Palmer's is AMAZING!!"


"i started using palmers skin success when i was in my twenty´s. I am almost 43 now and nobody wants to believe it that i am in my fourty´s. It´s make me look young, feel young and pretty. My hair looks fantastic, soft skin like a baby. If all women start using these products you don´t need a face lift. vitamine E make stay young, everything your body needs, you find it in palmers products. many thanks  "


"There is no other product available on the market to compare Palmer's with. It's in a class by itself from the beginning. the cream works so well n fast that my friends and others envy my skin and starts using them. And they are so affordable!"


"  The Winner from Palmer's Inspirational Mothers Contest!  "


" I love Palmer's Cocoa Butter products more than anything! I feel and smell like dessert!!!! I've been using your products for almost 20 years now, and I'll never, ever stop, even if I lose my arms and need to hire someone else to apply it!!!!!! "


"I finally got my first sample in the mail and it was this really great organic olive oil hand cream. It works very well. My hands are always dry because I wash my hands like every 10 mins. After I tried this rich concentraded hand cream I saw a big diffrence. This hand cream leaves your hands so soft and silky. I loved it. "


"I love palmers lotions they keep my skin very hydrated and healthy."


"My grandmother suggested to me to use cocoa butter lotion on the skin when I was pregnant 15 years ago and I bought Palmer's lotion and I've been using it ever since and my son also loves the lotion."


"I use Palmer's daily on my face and I have people tell me all the time how young I look. I love being months away from 50 and having someone tell me I barely look 38! It is so wonderful. And I never wear makeup, just plain old Palmer's. Keep up the good work."


"After having a total hysterectomy I got whats called a "pregnancy mask" on my face due to the hormonal shift. It made brown splotches on my forehead. I then discovered Palmer's which decreased the coloring significatly. I use it every day on my whole body. Its make me feel soft and has a light scent, not overly perfumy like other pricey mall lotions. I love it and have passed it along to pregnant friends and non who just want a lotion not a flower/fuit field smell that disappears in five minutes. With Palmer's you don't need to continuously reapply the product all day. This is a product I trust. Thanks."


"I had terribly scaly legs (crocodile like - no joke!) - I bought Palmer's cocoa butter lotion after a friend's advice...they're smooth and silky now! Thanks!"


"I love the Cocoa Butter cream! It keep my normally dry hands soft and throughout the cold winters."




"When I was pregnant with my first child, I used Palmer's 3x a day. Morning, noon and night. I am petite and had a huge belly and miraculously NO stretch marks! None! I look the same before I had the baby. Now I use the cocoa butter formula all the time, it works amazingly to keep my skin hydrated and soft. I used to use expensive organic brands, now I only use the cocoa butter. Thank you!! What a wonderful lotion that actually works! Oh, it's also perfect for baby's skin as well, she smells and feels delicious! :)"


"I have used palmer's cocoa butter on my skin since i was a teenager and I constantly get compliments about my skin. When I'm out with my adult children people can't believe that they are my children. Most people think that I'm their sister and wants to know what my secret is and that's the long time use of Palmer's products. Thank you for keeping me young."


"I have to start by saying that I truly love Palmer's! When I was young, I had very dry blotchy skin on my face. My skin was so blotchy that my classmates would call me cheetah. How sad, right? I would go home from school & cry almost every day. One day I was in my grandmothers bathroom & came across her Palmer's Cocoa Butter. I read all the benefits but the one that caught my eye was 'tones skin'. I tried it & almost immediately the dryness went away. After a few weeks my skin tone evened out & my face was radiant. I was amazed at how great my face looked! Now 28, 16 years later, I still use cocoa butter every day. Its a necessity in my life. My skin is so flawless, that I don't need foundation just my cocoa butter. Myself & my twin sister owe our self-confidence to Palmer's. Thank you so much for such an amazing product!"


"I love Palmers Cocoa Butter. It has really helped me. sometime back in 2007, i had really horrible stretch marks or rather varicose veins i would call it after using some hard body milk. I showed my mummy and she felt very uncomfortable at the sight of my thigh. I was 14 years old then and in a boarding school. Then she informed some of her collegues about the situation and they recommended her to use natural Cocoa Butter on my skin. She then bought Palmers Cocoa Butter  and brought it to me at school. I fought hard using Palmers cocoa butter daily but my friends told me it won't help. Three years later,the unattractive stretch marks seem blurred. Since 2007, i have kept up with palmers cocoa butter till now. I feel smooth with an even toned skin and everyone is fascinated and admires my skin colour thanks to palmers cocoa butter . In fact am addicted now to palmers cocoa butter and i have used and watched the brand evolve for 13 years today. Thanks for the uniqueness in your products."


"Palmers cocoa butter lotion really helps my dry skin during the cold and it helped improve of scars left from those mosquito bites during the summer! Now I would like to try out their skin care to improve of the marks left behind from blemishes and I have no doubt that it will work! Thanks Palmers!"


"I use Palmer's Swivel stick to help clear up my Acne... Works wonders!"


" I have smooth lovely skin after two kids and love the way my skin has kept its youthful and smooth appearance. It's the boost any mother needs especially after having a caesarean. I use Palmers daily, my scar is almost non-existent. I am using it throughout this pregnancy too! :)"


" It's great to hear my boyfriend say' You smell so nice' and 'Your skin is like velvet' on those bad hair days or 'fat' days we all have sometimes. It's reassuring to know that my skin feels smooth, a constant positive which cancels out the negatives."


" We are visiting my son soon who lives in Portugal, when I asked him if there was anything he wanted me to bring for him from 'home'.... he said Palmers Coco butter! Soft skin is important for all our family, even my boys! (it’s not just a girl thing!)"

-Rebecca .

" I have survived ovarian and thyroid cancer and soft skin makes me feel more confident about myself and my scars. I wouldn't be without my Palmers Cocoa Butter!"


" Using palmers is essential for me because since I was 17 (I'm now 21) I had a lot of growth spurts which resulted in stretch marks and dehydrated skin. Palmers is the only cream that will sort both out and makes me feel like a confident, sexy women with no shame in my body."


" Having soft skin makes you feel beautiful and womanly.  And if you are confident that your skin looks and feels good happiness will radiate through you.  Also the chocolate scent is divine."


" Through  winter, autumn, summer or spring To care for, soothe and  soften my tender dry skin No 1 Palmer's cocoa butter is what I need That's why I choose Palmer's and why all should take heed."


" All in one cream for those who like to look good with the least amount of effort - Moisturizes without leaving that stickness and smells really nice so you don’t have to put any perfume on! I always use on my knees and elbows as it keeps them looking nice and soft. Nice one Palmers!"


" I need a moisturiser which continually gives me hydrated, soft and supple skin.  And Palmer's always delivers, it's like having a professional treatment every single day!"


"I've been using Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula for the last 3 years, as I always have very dry skin and it does really work for me. My skin feels really soft and the smell too. I'm absolutely loving this gorgoues product!"

-Annie Carla.

"I have been using Palmer's Cocoa Butter soap for over 20 years now...I have tried every soap and they all didnt work...Most of the soaps out there have too much fragrance...I spend a lot of money on their products but it worth every dime..."


"I've been using Palmer's for more than thirty years. It never fails that when someone touches my skin, I receive a comment about how soft it is. My favorite is when I'm told that they can still smell the "chocolate" after I have gone! I'll admit, I'm not loyal when it comes to using a moisturizer on my face, but when it comes to applying one from the neck down, it's Palmer's all the way!!"


"I just recently started using Palmer's Cocoa Butter and I LOVE IT!!! I have always had bumps on my arms, back of my legs, and back. I have tried everything possible (creams, lotions, special "bump minimizers")... I mean EVERYTHING that's out there and nothing ever worked. I have used this Palmer's product for less than a month and I already see and feel the results. My skin is the softest (and evenly toned) it has EVER been. Even my "special friend" has noticed and he can't keep his hands off me!!!!!...THANK YOU SO MUCH PALMER'S"


"I am a member of the modified community, Ive got stretched ears. Winter is harsh on them, I've been using Palmer's for over a year and I haven't had any issues with winter damaging the skin on my earlobes since i started, I've also used Palmer's for stretch marks and dry lips. I'm just about the softest human from head to toe!!! i love this stuff. I never leave home without my swivel stick!"


"I'm not one to use hand any kind of cream, but my hands were so red, cracked, sore, and dry that I couldn't stand it any more. I went to my local store and the only brand that I recognized was Palmer's. I used it as soon as I left the store and the rest of the evening and by morning my hands were 98% better. I could move them without them hurting, cracking, or bleeding from the dryness. THANK YOU!!! I will pass along to others how well your product is and will try some of yours as well."


"I'm in my teens and last year while i was shaving my legs, i cut myself really bad. The cut was extremely deep, and it left a scar. But a few months ago I started using Palmers cocoa butter formula, and now the scar is almost completely faded! :D That makes me very happy :)"


"Since I was a kid I have suffered from psoriosis, being a boy I duly buried my head in the sand and hoped it would go away, when it didn't a mass of Oilatum anf NHS light treatments later I stumbled upon Palmers Cocoa Butter, and found that with daily application my skin stayed soft, hydrated and best of all not dry!! Until recently every time a new cream has launched I have tried it, but finally have realised that Palmers Cocoa Butter works and the rest don't!!!!"


"Throughout the beginning of high school I was always embarrassed to put on shorts for gym because I had stretch mark scars on my inner thighs. After a year of using palmer's coco butter lotion, my stretch marks are faded and I wear shorts all the time to show off my now perfect legs. It also is a great moisturizer for new tattoos. I LOVE PALMER'S!!!!!!"


"You do not have to be a star to bathe like one . Palmers cocoa butter moisturize body wash provides you class and comfort. Made with all natural cocoa butter and its lack of sulfates provides you with a very high profile clean that makes you feel as if you were in a Hollywood spa. Perfectly executing the task of clean it also acts like a softening agent to soften hard water for those who hate the after effect of hard water on the epidermis and thanks to Palmers they also added the soothing scent of cocoa to supply you with free aroma therapy that promotes delicious self confidence and respiratory heaven that will leave your nose and skin star struck . If you do not have a million dollars why not at least feel like it . Your skin clothes and atmosphere will thank you inadvertently"


"I've been planning to write for 4 years but haven't had the chance to stop and do it. I finally got a chance after flipping through an Essence magazine and saw one of your ads. I just wanted to say your product is great-4years ago I got pregnant 1st time mom and a co-worker told me to start using Palmer's immediately(I was only about 3 weeks pregnant); she said it work wonders for stretch marks. Needless to say I got Palmer's Firming Butter and began using it daily. By my 8th month-I was big and unable to reach all the areas, but the areas I could still reach were beautiful. I know that it was Palmer's that has made my body look so good during and after pregnancy. So, "Thank you Palmer's" and my husband thanks you too. I always recommend your product to other mothers-so they to can have a great experience with pregnancy and one without stretch marks. Sincerely, Tonya"


"I'm a lifetime fan, for the firming butter alone. It is the best lotion I've used in 40 yrs. Thought I would try a few different products which I can't find at local retailers and I'm certain to love them. Shipping is pricey tho...probably would've ordered more if it had been lower. Thanks for quality products!"


"Palmer's is the best cocoa butter lotion that I have ever used. I have tried many other cocoa butter lotions and absolutely nothing compares to Palmer's. I have even used it on my face as a facial moisturizer and it works very well."


"I suffered from dry, scaly skin. I have been using Palmer’s Lotion with Shea Butter for a few months and my skin is transforming. Normally I would have to reapply lotion several times a day but since I have been using the Palmer’s Lotion with Shea Butter, No more scaly skin. I recommend this product to all my family and friends. Thanks Palmer’s. Stephanie Perry"


"Let me start by saying "Wow"! Palmer’s products are outstanding. I started using Palmer’s on my skin and let me tell you the results are amazing. I can truly say using Palmer’s moisturizes and nourishes my skin. It softens and enhances, to bring out that natural radiant glow in my skin. My skin feels smooth and satiny soft...Thank you Palmer's for your products! Angelette Brooks-Belton"


"I absolutely love Palmers Products! I use the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula with Vitamin E Conditioning Shampoo and the Palmer’s Olive Oil Sheen Spray. My hair used to be really dry and frizzy. Since I have been using Palmer’s Products, my hair is shiny and healthy. It has so much body! I strongly recommend people to try Palmer’s. Teresa Burrell"


"I have very dry skin especially my knees and feet. I have always used petroleum to soften these problem areas. I recently started using the Palmer's Lotion with Shea Butter and let me tell you what a difference this product has made. My problem areas are quickly becoming my best areas and I really enjoy the natural scent of the Shea butter. What a great product! Roslyn Robinson"


"I've used Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotion and Palmer's Cocoa Butter Complexion Soap off and on since I was a child. I'm 30 now, so that's a very long time, and every time I return to it, I'm reminded of the chocolatey smell that I love as well as the feel of smooth skin. Thank you Palmer's for giving us all years of great skin care. --Sandra"


"I have very sensitive skin. My face breaks out when I used different products. When I started using Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion in 1979, my skin did not break out in fact my skin improved. One of the things I like about the lotion is that it does not burn my eyes if it gets on my eye lids. It makes my skin soft and smooth. My skin has a glow to it. I get compliments on my skin and told how pretty my skin is all the time. I am always asked about how I get my skin to be so clear and pretty. I tell them that I us Palmer's Cococa Butter Lotion and have been using it for years. I raised my children using the lotion on their skin and all three of them have beautiful skin. The twins were born in 1979 and my daughter in 1989. They tell all their friends as well about your lotion. My husband also uses it. He had very dry skin before using your product years ago now he has nice skin as well. I will continue to use your lotion the rest of my life. Thanks for a great product."


"I have been using Palmer's since i was 16 im now 32 and my skin only lokks like this because i have been a faithful user.Its like an addiction, I have to have it. Thank you Palmer's"


"We used Palmer's oil and cream with Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E on our 2 year old shepard mix dog. Lucky has an awful skin condition similar to psorisas and eczema. His hair was falling out, he smelled terrible and was very uncomfortable with the itch. A few days of Palmer's treatment calmed him down . His hair has regrown AND he is more happy than he has ever been. I use it myself as well to combat overexposure to the sun. It keeps my sking moist and smooth. "


"I have just started using Palmer's lotion, and it IS THE ONLY LOTION THAT WORKS THE BEST FOR MY SKIN TYPE. Seriously, I have such dry skin, and after using Palmer's lotion, my skin is GETTING SO MUCH better. Thank you Palmer for inventing such great lotion! I think Palmer should create a makeup line!"


"Ive been using palmers for many years and it is truely wonderful for your skin"


"Ok, this is really strange! I just purchased the Palmers Skin Therapy Oil yesterday. I applied it after my shower last night and decided to use it on my face also. It doesn't feel greasy and absorbs right into my skin. Got up this am to get ready for work and after cleansing my face applied more of it before I put my make up on. My face looks less wrinkley! lol My makeup went on more smoothly(and I usually use a moisturizer). I absolutley love this stuff! It really works. I just wasn't prepared for it to work this fast! Woohoo!!!!!"


"I am the mother of 9 month old twins. I started using the lotion when I found out that I was pregnant at 4 weeks. The lotion's smell made me feel nauseous so I switched the oil instead. At 11.5 weeks I found out that I was having twins and began using the oil every morning and every night. I delivered my girls via c-section and still continued using the oil for about 1 month after on my stomach and scar. Thanks to Palmer's I never got ANY stretch marks (Even though they run in my family) and my scar is barely noticable at all. THANK YOU PALMER's for making such GREAT products :) The Oil Works and I am PROOF!"


"I have been a Palmer's user for many years! I am 37 and getting married in the fall. I want my skin to be beautiful and glowing so I naturally came to Palmer's website. I love the Skin Therapy oil. I have fair and super sensitive skin, but this oil doesn't irritate me at all! It absorbs quickly and I feel like I'm wrapped in silk. LOVE IT! In all the wedding chaos I know I can smooth on Palmer's and feel confident my skin will be glowing! Works great in the bath too, when I need a relaxing soak!"


"I love the cocoa butter lotion & cocoa butter petroleum jelly, that I use to get a rich sun-tan. Only stay in sun for 15 mins per day. First front & turn too, but limit time to just 15. Love the scent of many of Palmer's Products. "


"Palmers skin product are very fantastic to use.Whenever i use palmers am always close to my wife bcos that is her choice and ever since i started using it the was tremendous change on my skin outlook. Danny."


"I love Palmer's cocoa butter....have used it for years. I live in Florida and the sun is makes my skin look so healthy."


"I have been using Palmer's products for at least 30 years. Sometimes the products are hard to find but when I do find them, I just buy them all out! My favorite is the Hair Success Treatment. I'm excited to see on this site that there is a shampoo. I can't wait to use it. I hope Palmer's keep going strong for another hundred years!"


"years ago, I had was horrible..nothing helped me. I tried one Dermatologist after another and then one of the recommended Palmer's Cocoa Butter Stick...after a few weeks , my shin was far less sore and red. Within one month, most of the Ezcema had healed...I had brand new scars,no cracked skin. Palmers is wonderful!!"


"I am 53 years old and have used palmer's cocoa butter for 75% of my life. I was overjoyed when in June I noticed that palmers now had facial products. I have had dark spots on both cheeks for about twenty years and even paid $80.00 for Clinique's dark spot corrector. It did not work. I used the palmers eventone fade cream for the past 6 weeks and lo and behold my skin tone is just about "even". I did recommend this to my friend and she is just as pleased with it. I am an african and she is white. Thank you Palmer's."


"i once had a stretch marks in my body but to day they are no more in me"


"I've been using Palmers cocoa butter formula moisturizing body wash for about 11yrs now and I get soo much complements on skin, is the only thing that works for me. most of my co-workers and friends have started using to i love the fact the is not over powering. I love it! I love it!"


"I started using Palmer's cocoa butter soap and oil earlier this year...was so happy to find Palmer's cocoa body wash as skin tone/texture has never looked better. I recently ordered the firming lotion and dark chocolate/peppermint lip butter...AWESOME! Thanks much Palmer's. Tess B."


"I had never heard of Palmers products. I won a prize - a beach bag with Palmers products. I started using the oil and also Cocoa Butter Formula. I am 76 and if anybody needs more for wrinkles, etc, it's me. My skin started improving and I have told a few friends about it.  Wish your business the best. Incidentally I hear a couple of radio stations advertising your products."


"I've used palmers facial products and lotions for two months and I non longer need to wear make up I LOVE PALMERS ,,,"




"I Love the cocoa butter stick. Have used them since high school!!!!!! "


"I have used many products, and nothing compares to Palmers. I have excema and my skin is extremely dry! I use Palmers Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil, it works miracles! I have no out breaks i have instant relief after application it is amazing!!! I recomended it to all of my family to use, they now use it daily! I use to go to the dermatologist monthly and i now haven't been in 6 months. Not to mention the glow it adds to my skin! It really gives me confidence about my skin."


"Before winning some products, I only ever knew there was the Cocoa Butter Line of products. I can't believe the difference in my hair after using the Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner. Also I have a tremendous amount of scars from my illness, and also very dry skin. The Olive Butter Creamy Oil has been WONDERFUL in improving the look, feel and condition of my skin. Thank you for making such wonderful products. As of right now I will never change to a different brand and continue to hunt down these products so they are always on hand. Thank you again, Dinah Farmer :)"


"I love Palmer's for its tropical fragrance."


"Palmers is the best. I have used Palmers Cocoa butter since I was a little girl and I am 42 now. I also used this product on my belly when I was pregnant for unwanted stretch marks it works. Palmers has always work for me. I dont used any thing else but Palmers products. Looking forward to using the new products..A Palmers user for LIFE"


"I've been using Intensive Skin Therapy and I have say that I absolutely love it and swear by this product. I've been using Palmers for a very very very long time and I've never had a problem with any Palmers products. Thank you for such a wonder body lotion and please continue to make products like this that gives a woman like myself the confidence that she needs to look naturally beautiful."


"I absolutely love your CocoButter! I use it everyday and the smell is very pleasant. I plan to use Palmers forever."


"I had to get stitched on my forehead after a fainting spell in June 2010. I have been using Palmers Cocoa Butter cream on my face and now the scar is not as visible, it in fact it has become smaller and looks like a dark spot on my forehead. Kudos to Palmers Cocoa butter. Now am using the Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 and I feel my skin is much younger and tighter than before!"




"I am almost 60 years old, I've been useing Palmer's lotion and oil for at least 9 years. I am extremely happy with the protecting it has on my skin. The scent is so pleasant I discontinued using perfumes, I have had many wonderful comments about how great I smell. I am very excited to try your facial care. I recently found that you have a lotion for men, now my husband can benefit without smelling like a girl. Thank you so much."


"I've been using the palmer's success cream cocoa butter formula for almost 30 years and I'm only 37 years young. My mom used it while she was pregnant with my brother and I and she has no stretch marks on her body. People always say to me, "your skin is so beautiful." I tell them I use palmer's cocoa butter. I use it on my face everyday and use it if I get cuts/marks on my body. All of my family uses it as well."


"I only use cocoa butter-other lotions dry up so quick, but not cocoa butter it will last all day and keeps you moisturized all day. Sorry no cocoa butter then no lotion instead. Skin stays really smooth and soft- it is just the best thing ever-gotta love it."


"just wanted to let everyone know how awesome palmers skin therapy oil is. i had a tummy tuck in november. which of course left a scar from hip to hip. i was using mederma since late december with no results at all. i then remebered i used palmers cocoa butter 23 years ago when i was pregnant, i thought why not? so i went to cvs and so the skin therapy oil for scars. i have only been using it for more than a week and boy can i see a difference!!!!!! i love it. can't wait to see what the scar looks like by summer!!! thank you thank you thank you!!! love my belly"


"I am an avid Palmers user since 1979, I started with the Coco Butter Jar, it has kept my skin moist and has faded many scars. Now I am hooked on the Shea Butter formular and like it even better because the scent is much milder. I think it would be a great idea for Palmer's to formulate a Shea Butter Moisturizing Gel, like they did with the Coco Butter formular. Keep going Palmers, I am a customer for life."


"I started using Palmer's about a month ago, and my skin have never looked better! I think it took 9 years off my skin. The Skin Therapy Oil rocks too. It gives my face a glow I haven't seen in a long time. Thank You Palmer's!"


"I started using Palmer's Cocoa Butter after breast cancer surgery 7 years ago. I continued using on my feet to keep soft. I recently started using on my nails because my cuticles were so dry. I have always had soft nails that would not grow and easily broke. To my surprise I now have long,strong nails! Thanks Palmer's"


"I have been using palmer's cocoa butter for 2 years and my abs feel baby soft. Thanks to palmer's products."


"I am a 30 year old man. Palmer's products are truly miracle serums. The Olive Butter formula cleared my acne and has made my complexion look twenty years younger. It is the best after shave lotion and prevents razor burn. Palmer's olive butter body wash is the best shaving cream out there. Also, I use Palmer's Cocoa Butter Men's Body And Face Lotion every morning after the shower the results of this product are miraculous. My skin looks soft,toned,healthy and just perfect."


"Just started using palmers about 5 days.. Absolutely amazing.. I have been dealing with combination skin, occasional breakouts but an everlasting minor dry rash from using harsh products.. Whenever I would stretch my skin or go in the sun or any bright light, all my scars and imperfections would show.. The scars take A bit more time but my rash is rapidly clearing up and my skin is already smoothing out.. I am SO happy I tried palmers!!"


"I'm living proof. I'm 58, diabetic for over 10 years, and cannot even describe my poor dry skin at this stage. The only hope I have is Palmer's Moisturizing Gel Oil. Thank you for giving me the chance to HAVE hope."


"I swear by this brand. I'm from South Africa and 3 months ago I discoverd your moisturising gel Oil SPF 15, it's simply AMAZING!!! Im addicted, I just love it. The feel of my skin after applying it, it's so wonderful. Also love the shea body butter, and that Body gloss with illuminators is my favourite summer product, especially when I'm in a skirt or a dress, just love it. I'm simply a Palmers addict I just love this brand."


"I'm a big fan of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula. I had my first experience with the Cocoa Butter in the jar when I was 11 years old. My whole face had acne scars and marks from picking in my face. My great-grandmother(may she rest in peace) told me that I should use some cocoa butter on my face to clear those marks. I purchased some Palmer's and use it at night; my face began to clear up. For some strange reason, I stopped using Palmer's and the acne marks appeared again due to picking in my face. When I was 14, I started using fade cream on my face, and my marks went away completely. Since I knew I couldn't continue to use fade cream over a long period of time, I began trying out other products until my 10th grade year in high school. I came across on some Palmer's Cocoa Butter Soap and Palmer's Cocoa Butter Concentrated Cream. That combination together did wonders for my face; it helped controlled my acne to the point where I don't have acne problems anymore. Because I like to try out different products, I stopped using Palmer's and began using Ambi products. Ambi was good to my skin as well, but it wasn't the same as Palmer's. I been using Ambi from my 11th grade year in high school until my junior year in college. Just last summer, I started back using Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula products. I'm 22 now and I haven't use any other product since then. I love these products and how it makes my face look beautiful and youthful; I don't even wear foundation on my face. The only makeup I use on my face is eyeshadow and eyeliner; nothing else! I absolutely love the Facial Care line.My favorites from that line are the Exfoliating Scrub, Eye Cream, Daily Cleanser, Daily Facial Lotion, and the Night Renewal Cream! It does wonders for me! I can't wait to try the Eventone BB Cream and see what wonders it does for me as well! As for my body regimen, I use the Cocoa Butter Body Wash, Cocoa Butter in the jar, and the lotion. My skin feels soft and smooth when I use these products. I love the way my skin smells chocolatey and the scent lasts all day! It evens compliments my favorite perfume!I'm going to try the Body Oil in my bath water and see how it works for me!I will never use another brand of facial and skin products as long as I live. Palmer's is what I'm rocking with until the day I die. I wish I could have stick with it since 11 years strong, but I know better now! Thanks for enhancing my beauty Palmers!"


"I have been using Palmers Oil formula on a rash/excema on my uppper lip. It has feeling 100% better, no longer irritated. It helped where other physician prescribed ointments failed. Thank you Palmer's!!"


"I have worked in an office for 25+ years. At times my hands get a dry feeling from handling so much paper. A few years ago I started using Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula, just for a change and I liked the smell. This lotion is the best. I have a scar on the back of my had that is now hardly noticeable, I would have taken a photo before using the lotion had I known it would fade so I could show others how it has indeed faded. I don't think I will quit using the lotion!!!"


"I just love the smells of their products which are so natural to AFrica and above all they are affordable."


"I am 37 years old and have had skin issues for most of my life. After taking medications for my skin for two years and trying numerous products....ah I have found the answer in Palmers Skin Therapy Oil!!! This product has truely changed my life!! Thank you!!!"


" I use Palmer’s cocoa butter because it diminished my stretch marks and it evenly tones my skin as well as keep my skin, especially my feet, nice and smooth "


"Palmer's Olive Oil with Vitamin E formula is the BEST lotion I've EVER used. This winter was cold and dry, I was looking for a body lotion to help my dry flaking skin. After looking and trying many other products year after year I saw a green bottle on a store shelf, picked it up, read the front and back labels on the bottle and thought could this is the answer to my dry skin problems. Lo and behold it is. I go to the same drive thru store daily, the young girls working there were using a lotion that wasn't working for their dry, cracked itching hands. I said I would bring them a lotion they wouldn't believe. I left & went right to the Walgreens to buy them back a bottle of Palmer's Olive Butter formula with Vitiamin E lotion. After 2 days of using Palmers they were amazed at the look and feel of their hands and face. Now they too are telling friends about your product. My husband is a masonary worker, he HAD dry cracked hands for years. After trying many, many lotions with little or no results he is now using this cream too. He carries it in his truck when he is working. After offering it to co-workers they are Palmer's fans too. Thank you for the BEST product we have EVER used. I just bought another 17 oz. green bottle to take on our ride trip across the good ole USA. Ohio to California and back in a convertible and I'm SURE we will come back with smooth skin! Thanks you for the BEST lotion I've ever used. I could go on and on with stories about this product because I tell EVERY one I know how soft my skin is after using your Olive Butter Formula with Vitamin E lotion. "


"palmer's even works for us guys."


" I swear by Palmer's! The creams, the gels, the stick for chapstick, I own one of everything! My absolute favorite body care product! "


"I have been using Palmer's products for ten years or more and really love the results."


" I love this product!!!!! Cocoa Butter concentrated cream works best with my skin. I plan to be a lifetime customer!!!  Thanks."


" I am just writing to say that I absolutely love your product and can't live without it.  I like your brand of lotion so much that I recommended it to just about everyone I know and usually give my friends and family your products for gifts (I even give it to the men I know).  I guess words cannot even describe how much I love your products, they actually do what they say they're going to do."


" I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your Palmer's Cocoa Butter products....they are amazing!  And I especially love your new product with a SPF...I live in Florida and the sun is so strong here!"


" This has been my favorite lotion for my legs for a long time...never put it on my arms as I have a slight case of psoriasis on my elbows.  Then the other day when I ran out of the stuff I bought at the drug store for my elbows, I just decided to put the cocoa butter formula on.  It's amazing what it did!  Your lotion has made the biggest difference!  I honestly believe it!  It works way better than anything I've purchased at the drug store!  I carry the little swivel stick in my purse and apply it throughout the day and it's like a 100% difference!"


" Palmer's Cocoa Butter is what my husband and I used when my triplets were in the NICU for 9 weeks.  We did a lot of hand washing and it kept our hands soft.  It was also great for my stretch marks, after carrying triplets for 28 weeks!  My triplets are now five years old and we are still using Palmer's Cocoa Butter.  Thanks for such a great product!"


" I wish I owned stock in your company.  With the new air travel restrictions, sales of the Palmer's swivel stick should go through the roof.  Since it's a solid, it's about the only moisturizer that you can bring on a plane. I've always bought them because I can easily apply it while driving.  You keep one hand on the wheel while putting on lotion."


" Over the past year I've lost a lot of weight and have been worried about sagging skin.  I recently purchased a bottle of your Cocoa Butter Formula Firming Butter.  I was skeptical about whether the product would work, but I have only been using it a week and have already noticed a vast improvement.  I am absolutely thrilled with this product and have been telling everyone I know about it.  I really just believe it!"


" I heard Rosie O'Donnell talking about the best most affordable hand cream on the market a few weeks back and it was Palmer's. I went and bought a bottle and LOVED it. I loved how it makes my chapped, dry, winter hands feel. The only thing I did not like was the scent but I thought I could live with it because I so liked the product. I went back to the store the next day to buy some more bottles so I could have one at each sink in the house and there it was....UNSCENTED! I bought 5 bottles. My husband is a mechanic with terrible rough, chapped hands and he uses it too. Then everyone who comes to visit...I tell them, try it! It is wonderful and affordable to boot. Thank you so much. I am hooked."


" I am a diabetic. Over the past two years I have developed very dry skin especially on my feet and ankles. I have tried just about every ointment on the market including Bag Balm and Vaseline. Many of these products are quite messy, not to mention very expensive and none seemed to work very well. A few weeks ago I was in my local pharmacy, once again looking for another lotion or cream I could try when, I spotted the bottle of “Palmer’s Baby Butter, Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E, Massage Lotion, for gently moisturizing baby’s sensitive skin”.  I am 67 years young and I remembered how my mom used cocoa butter for nearly everything so… I figured I’d give it a try….after all what did I have to lose? It was reasonably priced and so I picked up a (13.5 fl. oz.) bottle. I have been using this lotion now in the morning and evening for a little over two weeks. Not only does it smell wonderful, it goes on easy and seems to disappear right into my skin and since its not messy, I can now sleep without socks, which to me is a big plus! My feet and ankles are all nice and smooth already with no dry skin or rough patches at all! As a matter of fact, thanks to this product, I just went shopping the other day and bought several pairs of strappy shoes that I can now wear again because I am no longer ashamed of the way my feet look! I can hardly believe the results I have gotten in such a short time! Now I am using it on my legs, hands, arms and elbows as well. It makes me feel good about myself! When I get back out to the drugstore, I am going to buy some more bottles to share with my family and friends. Thank you so for a fantastic product, I only wish I had found it earlier!"


" I purchased a bottle of your lotion two days ago as did my daughter-in-law. I have never in all my 57 years had a lotion work so beautifully as this one did. Your claims of soft skin are very very true. This is an exceptional product and I just wanted to thank you. Keep up the good work."


" Hello - I just bought a pump bottle of Palmer's Shea Butter Lotion.  Wow!  It is great - smooth and has a wonderful scent.  I plan to keep buying this.  Keep up the good work."


" Dear Palmer's: I put your Shea Butter Formula to a 6 month "tootsie test"....My goal was to see just how soft my skin would get. Teamed with pumice stones and results were pretty amazing. Shea's the way for me..."


" Thank you so much for this wonderful facial product! It has surpassed all of my expectations!!  I am a former model of the 1980's. Unfortunately, I have had the privilege of surviving cancer. My skin has never been the same since chemotherapy.  I developed very sensitive and dry red skin after that, which was due to irregular body cycles and the chemicals used for my chemo.   I can literally feel this product at work when I apply it.  It is my intention to let you know that I totally support this skin product!!  Once again thank you for this wonderful facial cream. I will use it from here out."


"My skin is so soft and touchable after using Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula, I always notice the difference."

-Traci D.

"For stretch marks, uneven skin tone and scars, this is the best. Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil leaves my skin looking soft, smooth and beautiful."

-Suhame M.

"I can't get over how great my skin looks since I've started using Palmer's Shea Butter Formula! It's soft and smooth with an incredible glow."

-Olya P.

"Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil works so well on my stretch marks, now I'm using it everywhere."

-Nina W.

"There's really something special about the Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Palmer's Olive Butter Formula. My skin looks and feels years younger and it's the softest it's ever been."

-Kim M.

" Palmer’s has always made my skin soft and smooth.  Now with SPF 15, it also helps protect it from the sun. "

-Dani S..

" Palmer’s Shea Butter Formula is rich and thick enough to make even my seriously dry skin, soft, smooth, and sexy. "


" The Cocoa Butter Formula Deep Radiance Gel Oil works great for us bald guys!  It gives my head a nice glow.  This is the product I have been searching for! "


" I am 74 years old and I love Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil!  It absorbs so well and makes my skin look younger, softer and smoother.  I’ve let all my friends sample it and now they are hooked! "


" I am in love with the Deep Radiance Gel Oil!  It feels great on the skin and smells amazing.  I went back the day after using this and bought more!  Never stop making it! "


" Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula is so soothing and smells so delicious, I decided to take a moment to write in.  I discovered this product one month ago and have just purchased my third container.  This is the best lotion ever.  Friends and family comment that I smell fresh!!!! And being that the sun in South Florida is so strong, a true moisturizer is a must (plus the SPF 15 is really nice). "


" I have used Palmer's products for years and I have always been completely satisfied.  I love the fragrance and the benefits for dry skin."


" Palmer's cocoa butter stick work great on my dry skin"


" I have been using Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil for several weeks and my skin is softer and my scars are fading! Love the product!"


" I am happy to say that after four weeks of use morning and night my belly is so much smoother and lighter. I really think that I will be able to wear high cut tops and low cut bottoms this summer and I am so excited! Thanks Palmers!"


" Palmer's has the best skin care/scar care products on earth!"


" Love the skin therapy oil. Just one bottle and you will see a difference"


" Palmer's has always been my number one choice because it leaves my skin feeling so smooth!"


" The Palmer's products help my family and I have smooth, dry-free skin. It also helps with fading of scars, and uneven skin color. We love this product because it does what it says it will do"


" Palmer's cocoa butter lotion is the best lotion hands down for moisturizing my skin when it's thirsty! Also, after tanning my skin is extra dry and screams "where's my Palmer's!?" Thanks so much for a great product!"


" The first Palmer's cream that I used was cocoa and I recently tried the Palmer's Olive Butter Formula and it works great. I love it. Very rich and concentrated cream"


" I've been using palmer'c cocoa butter for most of my life; it's essentially a household staple. It is truly a wonderfully crafted product that moisturizes skin that doesn't clog my pores. I have extremely dry skin on my lower extremities, but one application of the cocoa butter formula provides enough coverage for the entire day."


" I'm a mother of 5 wonderful kids. I love the smell, it picks me up. One of my little ones get really chapped hands from the water.... palmer's works great in soothing the hurt. Thanks for a wonderful product."


" I have been using Palmers products since I was a little girl everything from the cocoa butter sticks to the gel, the lotion, the body butter, the cocoa butter in the jar,the soap. I LOVE it ALL!!!! I love the fragrance of cocoa butter PERIOD and the way it makes my skin feel, sooo soft and leaves it looking so beautiful I am 36 y/o but I look as if I am waay younger according to the testimonials of others THANKS to PALMERS.. Keep it coming"


" I love their products and they make my skin feel so smooth and soft too. I love the scent also"


" I used your products throughout my pregnancy and on my babies as well. They are fantastic especially your organics. I try to live a healthy life style and knowing these products do not contain chemicals and additives makes me even more of a fan. When I rub the cocoa butter on my babies they actually smile. Keep up the excellent work I will use your products forever!"


" I have used Palmer's since I was a small child and its always been the best for my skin. I now use it on my children. "


" I found Palmer's years ago and LOVE it. It asorbs in and doesn't stay wet or greasy (like products full of glycerine do ).  I LOVE the scent, not strong like tanning lotion, because it's got cocoa butter, but very pleasant. I use it especially under my eyes, around my elbows, heels, just make all my skin hydrated smooth. I carry the little travel bottle with me in the car, so I always have some wherever I go."


" I really love the lotion.  It makes my skin nice and soft and not greasy at all"


" I have used Palmer's products for years and I have always been completely satisfied.  I love the fragrance and the benefits for dry skin. "


" Love the cocoa butter. Nice and soft and smells wonderful. Have been a huge fan for over 10 years. Keep up the good work"


" Palmer's products have been used by my family for as long as I can remember. As a kid I remember loving the smell of Palmers and still love it as an adult. I use Palmers for moisturizing in the winter, after the sun in the summer and I always make sure I have a back up in the house and for traveling. During the summer months I will put it in my hair as I notied it helps tame the frizzies."


" Palmers is the only product I can use for my hands. They get so dry and this really does the trick!"


" I have been using the Olive Butter Formula for over a year and I love it. It has given my skin a natural glow, while it nourishes the skin. I will continue to use this product and will look forward to trying to trying some of your new products"


"Ahhhhhh WOW, the Palmer's Skin Smoothing Lotion with beta hydroxy is just fab to eliminate shaving bumps and my girl friend uses it on her legs she swears it stops ingrowing hairs when shaving , thank you Palmer's"


" I just wanted to take the time to share my story.  I recently lost 35 pounds rather quickly, and I noticed that I had some stretch marks under my arm and on the anterior portion of my thigh.  I use your Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E on my feet, elbows, and occasionally on my face to even out my complexion.  I decided I would put the product to the test regarding my stretch marks.  I am happy and very grateful to report your product did wonders for them.  I wish I had taken before and after pictures.  Thanks for a great product."



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